Place: Kemi-Tornio

Date: Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Participation: IBL members, exchange students

As part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, IBL organized a trip in Tornio on the 10th of November. The aim of this event was to discover and learn more about the Barents region. It is the Europe’s largest region for interregional cooperation, including the northernmost parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Northwest Russia. The nature is unique and the environment vulnerable, with wide tundra areas in the north and extensive boreal forests zones in south.


We left the school early in the morning, at 8am, to visit Tornio Campus. This school is located 122 km from Rovaniemi by car.

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At 10 am, we were warmly welcomed by the International Coordinator, Tereza Chen, who explained to us the entire program in Tornio. Moreover, some exchange students shared to us their own experience of living and studying in Finland.


Then, after 11.15am, we crossed the Swedish border to visit and lunch in the famous IKEA store. After an hour break, we returned into the bus to go to Aavasaksa sightseeing. It is a sharp-edged hill in Lapland, toward Finland and Sweden that has an elevation of 242 metres.

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To close this successful day, we warmed around a delicious cup of coffee in a really cosy coffee place and took the road back to Rovaniemi around 4pm.




Anne-Laurène Réto – Marketing Team