Restaurant Day: Malinka

Four times a year, there is a very special day when even the wildest restaurand dreand can come true: the Restaurant Day. This special day is devoted for the taste of joy and play!

InnoBarentsLab team together with BLIN&BEER organized a lovely and delicious Malinka in Rovaniemi on 22 of November. During the day guests could get an exellent taste of Russian traditional dishes. It was special Malinka menu in different languages with extremly low prices. People had an opportunity to try traditional dishes as borsch, stolichnij salad, pankaces, pelmeni, plov. Food was made with fresh ingredients and as a result it was so delicious. International guests from around the world came to Malinka to get to know more about culture of Russia. Creativity, spontaneity, and community are the common words for day description!

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It was an amazing experience to be part of the project. IBL students were actively involved in organizing the event. They were cooking, serving food, and just gave positive emotions to everyone! Members of IBL team tried to make the atmosphere frindly and it was done successfully!

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Restaurant Day changed people’s attitudes to food and Russian culture. Also gave people lots of fun, wounderful meetings and memories!

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Valerie Kirienko – Marketing Team