Name: Koukussa Hooked
Where: Arctic Design Week 2014, TaitoLappi, Rovaniemi
When: February 2014
Who: Annika Konttaniemi
Meaning: Week long workshop where you could learn new crocheting and hooking technique per day.

Annika’s Blogpost about this event

Pop in for a quick second or will you get hooked to stay a bit longer?

“Hooked” is a week-long workshop where you get a chance to learn a new hooking technique and adaptations for that technique everyday.

Are you interested in trying out your own design skills during Arctic Design Week 2014? Or maybe you want to meet local people in a cozy environment?

So why should you get hooked with us? Hooking is a form of handicrafts known in almost all cultures and it is know-how passed from generation to generation for centuries.

Nowadays hooking is used by designers, teenagers and grannies alike.
Below you can find the schedule for the “Hooked” workshop, however you can come craft with as often as you like during the week, stay for 30 mins or the entire day, it is up to you!.

Come alone or bring your friends!

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