Innovate or Die!

Sounds scary? Innovate or die is a competition for young innovators held in Jämsä, Himos. This year it was 17.-18.11.2016 and we were a part of it!


The team from Rovaniemi included 5 students of International Business – Katarína Hollá, An Tran, Sahand Arefi Oskui, Dilxat Polat and Matti Hämäläinen. Our journey started on the Wednesday evening 16th of November 2016 after we packed all needed things. Our final destination for Wednesday was Tornio where we overslept as the main journey was beginning on early morning next day.

Thursday morning we got into a bus at 5am together with 2 other teams from LapinAMK and started to drive with the direction Himos where we arrived around 1pm. After drinking some coffee, the competition officially started! We received the case of Helsingin Sanomat to create a new digital paid concept for their newspapers! After introduction, we left to our cottage/working place and started brainstorming until we got the final solution for the case and we were really happy about the result! We created an application which would be perfect and interesting for every young person who likes to be in the middle of the news. After this long day another, even longer one was coming.


On Friday morning, we practiced our pitch to the perfection and left to Himos Arena prepared to win! Our guys – Sahand and Dili performed an amazing pitch and we couldn’t wait for results. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky to win in the competition but we won in our minds. After leaving Himos Arena we had very long road ahead of us and we finally arrived to Rovaniemi early Saturday morning.


The team of 5 students of Lapland UAS were able to create a brilliant idea for the biggest newspapers in Helsinki in only 24 hours. What could we do in for example a year! It’s amazing to see what you are capable of and all of us definitely recommend to everyone to go and try it for themselves! It was a great experience for ALL of us!

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Author: Katarína Hollá

Photos: An Tran