SMART Practice seminar day – Rovaniemi Region

On Thursday 29.9.2016, Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi on Jokiväylä campus had a SMART Practice seminar day. Day started with Anzelika Krastina´s presentation in Borealis Auditorium where SMART Practice was explained and the following presentations as well as the upcoming workshop were introduced.


I and Nina Niskala were presenting our InnoBarentsLab student organization right afterwards, trying our best to showcase our projects varying from Restaurant Day´s main goal to further fund projects all the way to Give Back to Finland-project´s purpose to bring generations and different nationalities closer to each other.


Business student Thomas Draper took the stage next telling about his own security company. The key points of his presentation were rising up after a bankruptcy and how students were and are still able to bring fresh perspective on the actions of his company, giving him a competitive edge.


Next up was Denis Ivanov, also a business student, who gave a presentation about Santa Park that he is working for. After his part about Santa Park, all of its parts explained clearly and simply, Denis dived deep into the reasons why we work and why we should. He went on a lengthy explanation about how as kids we always had a parent or teacher to motivate us and how we need to find our own motivation in university level so it would be strong enough to withstand the motivation droppers in working life.


We InnoBarentsLab members missed the final fifth speech due to setting out the afternoon workshop but luckily Katarina Holla, Anzelika´s assistant, documented it: “Last speaker during the seminar was Eija Raasakka with her presentation about “Safety Cluster” project. The importance of safety and security in every business was shown with examples of tools used to achieve these goals in real life. Eija also presented the company´s point of view on trainees in general and her experiences with trainees during their practical trainings.” (SMART PRACTICE seminar held at Lapland UAS – Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education –article)


At 13:00, students and a few teachers gathered to InnoBarentsLab office for a practical training methodology workshop. There were all in all six questions set on connected pieces of paper that covered the whole table, related to the different roles of the significant stakeholders: students, universities, tutors, mentors and companies. After a short coffee break, all of the participants with the lead of Anzelika Krastina were divided into six teams and had 15 minutes to answer to a question they had been assigned to and after the time limit moved onto the next question and so on after all teams had answered to each question.



Day ended on a friendly chat between all of the participants that stayed after the workshop and InnoBarentsLab members cleaned up after the quests.

Author: Laura Ukkola

Photos: Katarina Holla